About Us

Caritas Partners developed from a fundamental belief that Wall Street has a leadership role to play in high impact philanthropy. We use daily trading activity to create value for our customers and for their communities. We supply a new and sustainable chain of value through our trading platform to improve our client’s operational performance and social impact. We view corporate social responsibility and best execution as mutually reinforcing principles integral to our competitive advantage That’s why we call our philanthropic trading platform impact brokering.

When Caritas Partners was founded in 2012, we launched our Buyback to Give Back program to offer companies an integrated way to execute share repurchases and promote corporate social responsibility. Our program is based on donating a predetermined portion of our gross commissions to a charity of our client’s choice, which provides them with a surplus flow of revenue to extend their involvement in the spectrum of social impact, from charitable giving to shared value.

Since 2014, we have expanded this program to include equity trading with the same philanthropic benefits. We offer institutional investors (asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, family offices, endowments, and foundations) a way of generating earnings growth by leveraging our model of impact brokering. We also stand to build a customized portfolio of non-profit partners in order to promote their vital work to our clients and spark new collaborations between companies and charities. We have partnered with leading organizations working across the fields of global health, development, and education. From venerated global charities to recently founded New York based charities, our charitable partnerships represent a critical part of our cross-sector approach to shared value.

We are uniquely positioned as the first Wall Street firm that works across sectors to increase revenue growth and sustainability performance for our corporate, institutional, and charitable partners. And we are excited to continue to provide innovative solutions for social impact.

Richard C. Naso

Founder and President