Buybacks that Give Back

Caritas Partners is working to provide a unique dual benefit for your share repurchase program. When you work with Caritas to execute your order using a 10B-18 or 10B5-1 plan, a portion of the commission will be donated to the charity of your choice. Imagine investing in your company’s future while simultaneously investing in your community. Caritas Partners makes this happen. Our share repurchase program enables shareholders to benefit charitable organizations using the share buyback, which is otherwise purely transactional in nature. Consider executing a Buyback to Give Back!
Combine our team’s expertise with a competitive range of commission rates and Caritas Partners truly represents Capitalism on a Mission. By combining a high-touch approach with deep technical knowledge, Caritas is dedicated to the responsible use of latency trading and to maximizing benefits for its clients. Companies who partner with Caritas to execute their share repurchase can choose to donate a portion of the brokerage commissions to a charity or foundation of the company’s choice.