Caritas Partners and Seeds of Africa Team Up to Support Education in Ethiopia

New York, NY (March 26, 2015) – Caritas Partners is excited to announce our partnership with Seeds of Africa and our collaboration to raise unprecedented charitable revenue to develop the highest quality education in Ethiopia and across Africa. By adding Seeds of Africa to our list of preferred charities, Caritas Partners can offer our clients a charitable option that gives unique and focused attention to education and community development. Together with our corporate customers, Caritas Partners can create an original stream of revenue on behalf of Seeds of Africa by donating up to 50% of our gross commissions on every transaction we execute. “We are thrilled to partner with Caritas on this ground-breaking program they have,” said Seeds of Africa Founder Atti Worku. “Programs like this are essential for non-profits as they help provide organizations like us with funding we wouldn’t have access to otherwise.” Seeds of Africa’s innovative educational model fits naturally with Caritas Partners’ cutting-edge model for corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

“Caritas Partners is delighted to work together with Seeds of Africa to benefit their thriving educational program in Ethiopia that will serve as a model for many other countries,” said Caritas Partners’ Founder and CEO Richard C. Naso. Matthew Krumholtz, Director of Communications, added, “Our partnership with Seeds of Africa gives Caritas Partners and our corporate clients the opportunity to support a genuinely inspiring and sustainable educational initiative.”

Through this partnership with Caritas Partners, Seeds of Africa can offer its corporate sponsors and donors from family offices and hedge funds an alternative way of generating revenue for a global leader in educational development in the daily course of their investment and trading activity. When supporters of Seeds of Africa work with Caritas Partners, they will be capturing additional revenue for Seeds of Africa through the predetermined portion of our gross commissions reserved for charitable donations.

About Caritas Partners, LLC

Caritas Partners is a Wall Street brokerage firm that is setting the new standard for corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. A division of broker/dealer Aegis Capital Corp (member FINRA/SIPC), Caritas Partners offers a cutting-edge share repurchase program that gives corporations a way of creating an untapped stream of revenue for their preferred charities. With every repurchase order we execute, Caritas Partners donates up to 50% of our gross commissions to a charity of our client’s choice. Our team is composed of industry veterans, all of whom are former members of the New York Stock Exchange, and we take a unique high-touch approach to every order we trade. Our model also offers a trading platform with charitable benefits to hedge funds, pension funds, endowments, and family offices. In each transaction, we turn daily trading for companies into financial gain for charities. Together with our corporate and charitable partners, Caritas Partners is putting stock in charity.

About Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa is creating a self-sustaining model for education and community development in Ethiopia that can be replicated in other African communities.  Seeds of Africa moves beyond the traditional aid model, shifting from mere relief efforts to giving students, families, and communities the skills they need to support themselves and rise above poverty. Seeds of Africa operates two major programs: Seeding Education and Sowing Community. Seeding Education offers high-quality education to students, in addition to school meals, uniforms, school supplies, and medical support. Sowing Community works with families to increase their household incomes and improve their quality of life through health education seminars, adult literacy and entrepreneurship courses, and access to credit. Through its cutting-edge education and development programs, Seeds of Africa educates and nurtures gifted children, young adults, and communities in Ethiopia and abroad.